Electronic Curtain Drop System

Advanced Control Drive Systems
Poultry House Curtain GearMotor

ECDS is a self-contained system that activates a curtain motor in case of power outage and its main function is to open the curtains automatically.

When Power outage occurs, the unit converts the battery power into AC power and activates the 2 curtain (or window) motors according to controlled cycle.

The System is capable of opening up to 2 curtains – One by one, separately.

The ECDS includes 5 working modes which can be selected according to user choice.

  • 5 Available modes:
    • OFF
    • Motor 1 – Full opening.
    • Motor 2 – Full Opening.
    • Motor 1 & 2 – Full Opening.
    • Motor 1 & 2 – Partial Opening.
  • The system is specifically designed only for opening curtains/inlets when power outage and there is no other closing option.
  • For 3-Phase motors only!
  • Optional Alarms including by GSM.