Gymnasium Products

Inside the gymnasium you will find all sorts of drive systems, one of them is our new Acoustic Gym Divider Curtain Gear-Motor.

The AGDC Gear-Motor is a new concept-design specially made for our partners in the gymnasium and sports industry.

The AGDC Gear-Motor Drive System is a standard approved system by The Standards Institution of Israel (SII).

The system includes a 3 phase thermally protected reversing electric motor with electric brake, coupled to a 1:60 double-output worm gear transmission

sized and selected to the curtain’s requirement.

The AGDC comes with an advanced Limit Switch System that includes an emergency Over-Travel switches and an Electromagnetic brake.


AGDC Gear-Motor Main Characteristic:

Electromagnetic brake 100VDC

Relible Limit Switch system (150 Revolutions).

Gearbox 1:60 with doubled shaft.

IEC90 B5 1.5 Kw 3000 rpm motor.

Rated power: 0.89 Kw at 1500 rpm

or 1.78 Kw at 3000 rpm.

Braking Torque: 460 Nm.

Manual operation shaft extension.