Elram Engineering & Advanced Technologies 1992 LTD.

Elram Engineering and Advanced Technologies 1992 Ltd. specializes in design, manufacture, integration and supply of mechanical, electrical and control drive systems for the livestock houses and greenhouses.
Elram was established in 1982 and as of January 2018 Elram Engineering has become a part of NGB Group and is located today in Tsur Igal Industrial Park, Israel.
Elram’s capabilities in providing a total solution of Drive Systems has made Elram a worldwide leading supplier.
Elram’s deep engineering and manufacturing knowledge is our greatest advantage and we supply our customers high quality products at competitive prices.
Elram employs skilled personnel, mechanical, electric and electronic engineers, technicians, sales and logistic personnel.


Elram Engineering is dedicated to the development and supply of drive unit systems to many sectors of the general Industry and the agricultural industries in particular.
Elram Engineering represents the leading world companies in the field of drives, mechanical and electronics.
We have successfully developed and designed numerous projects and products in Israel and all around the world, such as:
– Drives for solar systems used around the world
– Design and supply of motor sets to healthcare systems
– Remote Weapon system drives for Defense Company in Israel
– Supply of drives to world leaders in the field of printing equipment
– Developed and supplied advanced equipment for stage and theatre applications.
– Supply many drive systems products for agriculture uses.

Elram Engineering offers a high standard of service and technical support to its customers throughout all life cycle of a product and after sales services including repair capabilities. Our services include in-house rework and repairs capabilities.
Elram Engineering is ready to supply modified units, as well as custom designed units, upon customer’s demand.
Our philosophy – Elram Total Solution (ETS) is: to supply a total solution to all our customer’s needs in drive systems and accessories with the most reliable products at a reasonable price.
Testing Equipment
Elram Engineering has comprehensive testing equipment, outdoor and indoor, for simulating field conditions.
Quality assurance
Elram Engineering works under a stringent Quality Control framework that is highlighted by the attainment of ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Team Members:

Mr. Joseph Navon President joseph@ngb.co.il
Mr. David Zimbris Co-CEO david@ngb.co.il
Mrs. Shani Navon Co-CEO shani@ngb.co.il
Mrs. Liat N. Zimbris VP Marketing liat@ngb.co.il
Keren Navon Ofek VP Finance keren@ngb.co.il
Ran Koricki Plant Manager ran@ngb.co.il
Avia Shahaf Engineering Department Manager avia@ngb.co.il
Izhak Mergali Engineer izhak@ngb.co.il
Mrs. Naama Sidransky Overseas Dept naama@ngb.co.il
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